Game of Tarot is relatively cheaply priced

Michael Dummett's The Game of Tarot (Duckworth, 1980) is the foundation of the study of Tarot history. It is the foundational document that everyone must have who wishes to understand and discuss Tarot history intelligently.

But I often hear the complaint that the price on the used market is prohibitive. It goes from around £150, $250 dollars, up to the high three digits.

When I tried to persuade people that they must buy it nonetheless, I used to argue that it was a bargain at almost any price, compared to weekend workshops and the price of about 10 Tarot decks, which most Tarot people have.

But yesterday I thought of another way to prove it was a bargain. The book was published in 1980 and sold for £45. So what is £45 worth today?

From this webpage we get the conversion to current buying power of 1980 £45 - ... esult=2013
(if that result page doesn't come up, go to the calculator page
and put 1980, 45, and 2013 in the three right column boxes (don't worry about the left side ones), and click "calculate".)

The result? In 2012, 1980 £45 is worth £163 with the Retail Price Index (relative value of goods), or £242 using average earnings!

So in fact, the lowest priced used Game of Tarots are LESS than what they would have cost you in 1980, and the midrange ones are about the same as 1980!

So there is no excuse, Game of Tarot-less folks. Shut up, stop whining and go buy a copy tout de suite.