Tarot Travel Guide of Italy

There's a new book (ebook or print version) out that many will find of interest. Called a "Tarot Travel Guide of Italy" by Morena Poltronieri, Ernesto Fazioli & Arnell Ando and published by Museo dei Tarocchi. It focuses on the historical roots of the deck. I suggest moving quickly through the pre-Italian sources of cards to get to the real meat of the development of Tarot in Italy as viewed through the historical artifacts that one can visit. Since quite a bit of the information is not from English-language sources there are all kinds of gems here, although I've not read the whole thing yet. Having traveled with Morena and Arnell, who've led at least 5 Tarot trips to Italy, I know how deeply they've explored this subject.

http://www.arnellart.com/museodeitarocc ... 48-pdf.htm