Server change


As many of you noticed, the server was down for an extended time. Our hosting service has moved everyone who was on our old server onto a new server, I guess the old one finally gave up the ghost (we've been on the same machine for over 5 years now).

I notice that we have also had some problems with 'cache' errors, I'll look into over the week, and may end up upgrading our software which might lead to some visual problems with the forum. Hopefully, we'll be back to normal soon.


Re: Server change

I've decided to upgrade the forum to the latest version of the software.

What I expect:
Things are going to look really ugly, maybe for a while until I have the time to sort out the design, it's been many years since I've had to deal with the stylesheets for the forum and it might take a while for things to look pleasant again.

Some sort of new features... I think it's mostly security features that will be updated, but hey ho, who knows. We're several versions behind at this point and it's time to upgrade, maybe there'll be some nice new features

I'm backing up the database, and the content files, then I'll run the update scripts. The forum might very well be off line until they are all working again, but since we're on the new server and we've had a couple of days off anyway, might as well do it now.

Wish me luck,

Re: Server change

Well, that wasn't much fun!

But it does seem that everything is working now, do let me know if you notice something terribly buggy, but I think we are now all up to date, backed up, and on our new server. Hurrah!


Re: Server change

Duh! I thought it was me!
Hi Robert- thank you for allaying my paranoia-next week back to tiny grains of truth in the vast sea of my weird speculations :p
The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
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