How Pretty!

I recently updated the software to the latest version, and I was surprised that it didn't affect the style sheets and everything looked okay.

Well.. I was in the forum today making a change to a link and when I reloaded, the place looked like crap. AH! It DID screw with the style sheet. So...

Sorry about the ugly forum, if you are seeing it. I'm working on fixing it. Damn damn damn damn damn.


Re: How Pretty!

I'm relieved. There was a lot of tweaking going on. This time I've exported a copy of the theme so that, hopefully, next time I upgrade I can just reimport. Fingers crossed.

Can you do me a favour? I'm working on setting up a forum for English Local History.. specifically really for the members of my class. I've used the styles for TH with some tweaks to them. I'm most worried about the text in the banner working alright on different machines. Can you take a look at this and let me know if the text looks okay, and if there is anything that looks broken? I've still got some changes to make to icons and settings here and there, but the bones should be pretty good:

(If for some reason it is totally not coming up, that would be good to know. I've moved the URL to a new server, so the DNS hasn't been updated in a lot of places for the main site).

Re: How Pretty!

Ah.. okay. On my machine the green is sort of a browny-olive, so it works okay with the diamond shapes around the figures.. but I realise that Windows machines see colours with more saturation. I'll try tweaking them and might ask you to take another look if you don't mind. Thanks Ross.

(You do mean the parts that say "WELCOME" and "RESOURCES".. right???