Server Issues

I apologize for the server issues. Our hosting service is supposedly addressing the problems. It seems hundreds of other sites are experiencing the same thing with them right now. I'm in the angry customer forum complaining too.

I hope the slow (or worse, non-existent) connections will be back to normal ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.

Re: Server Issues

debra wrote:Canapes. Lovely.

Should members take up a contribution for a paid-for forum?

(I'm nervous around James)
Well, not at this point. I hope that things will be "back to normal" soon. All our websites are effected.. Tarotpedia, TarotBB, TarotHistory, ATS... it really sucks. It'll never be the speediest forum on the web, but when it's working normally I think it is acceptable. If we need money we'll take it out of James' salary.

Re: Server Issues

Hi Debra,

James keeps telling me that "Dreamhost is working on it", I must say that I'm very frustrated about the speed as well. Now and then things are working "correctly", and the speed is quite acceptable; but more often than not I wait and wait for pages to load.

I keep checking here:
to see how things are going. We are unfortunately on the ill-fated "blingy cluster", which they are still trying to resolve.

When Jean-Michel is back, I'll discuss with him our options for moving to another host. I'm only glad we aren't running a business or I'd be pulling my hair out.

Re: Server Issues

I've told James to make a new tray of canapes, AND to also set out some cucumber sandwiches, and a big bowl of "Aunt Augusta's Super-Surprise Punch".

Not much of a consolation I'm afraid, but an honest attempt at an apology. :)

Re: Server Issues

The management has deemed it time again to shamelessly trot me up to offer an update on the deplorable state of our hosting service.

Dreamhost says there will be some downtime tonight as they reboot the system with a new patch that should finally fix the problems we've been having. I certainly hope so.

I've placed lace cookies with fresh homemade jam and double cream on a tray in the Happy Historian Lounge. If you see any representatives from Dreamhost trying to help themselves to any, feel free to shoot them.