How to Resize Images in your posts

Normally, if you use the IMG tag to insert an image into a post, and the image is too wide, it gets cut off on the right side of the page... Here is an example of an image posted by Ross:

To solve this problem, I've added two new codes for adding images to your post to use instead of the IMG tag:
LARGEIMG will automatically scale an image to 650px wide, just put the URL.
SCALEIMG needs a URL, a space, and then desired width in pixels. It allows you to choose the width you want.

Example of largeimg:

Example of scaleimg with the pixel number set to 300:

Quote this post to see the actual code used. I hope this is helpful to everyone, and thanks to Ross for the suggestion, it's been bothering me too for a long time.

You can also add a tag around an image to use it to launc ... /scaleimg]