How to access drafts once saved

It occurs to me that newcomers might give up before figuring out how to get to a saved draft. It is not obvious, and it doesn't always work (that has happened only once, and I found another way, from the thread directly, but that didn't work the next time I tried it). The old template had a more user-friendly way of doing it than the present one.

What I do is click on the letter icon at the top of the page. Then on the left, if I am lucky, I click on the "Overview" choice on the menu that appears on the left. (If I'm not lucky, no such menu appears.) Then I scroll down and find "Manage drafts"--not PM drafts, just drafts--and click on it.

There may be a simpler way, but if so I don't know it.

Added a few minutes later: When what I just described doesn't work (and it didn't, when I tried it just now!), the other way is to click on "reply" on the thread you saved your draft to, and then on "load draft". Your drafts should appear, and click on the one you want. That only seems to work when the other way doesn't. Weird.