Genesis Theorem

2 - ARROW: Creation & Descent
Trumps II, XI, XX (2+11+20=33)
Constellation depicting Creation
(Arrayed like an Arrow w/Trumps as arrow point and Suits as shaft)

....2 Swords
....2 Cups
....2 Wands
....2 Disks

Source is The One (Point), of which nothing can be said lest there be Two (Line), and this is the Birth of Force, simultaneously received by Three (Form). This is a Mystery lacking the constraint of linear Time. 3=1

2 circles overlap to form Vesica Piscis (1st Eye) giving proportion of Golden Ratio (Serpent).

Depict the birth of 1st Supernal Triangle (Trinity) & formulation of Cosmic (Orphic) Egg.
Artemis (1st of the Triune Goddess head: Virgin) shoots this “Apple” into the Lower Realms.

Glyphs formulate Double Helix
Caduceus: As Above, So Below
Spiral architect - Galaxies to DNA

XI: Lust
FORCE / Adam
Leo: Conception - the spark of the Creative
Even / Yang
Teth: Serpent
Adam's Rib

XX: Aeon
FORM / Eve
Fire: Time (Chronos)=Sulphur=Energy
Odd / Yin
Shin: Tooth (hard-shelled unit within the Godhead); also trident Flame depicting Trinity
Eden’s Apple

II: Priestess
Moon as Artemis
Triune Goddess as Virgin
Moon as Bow for the ARROW
Gimel: Camel - the Vehicle

2 Swords (Air = Thought)
Moon: Phasing (Full / New)
Libra: the Weaver of Balance
In the Garden of Paradise Light & Darkness are in Equinox.

2 Cups (Water = Emotion)
Venus: Attraction of Odd / Even
Cancer: Cycle
Light / Dark spin in each other’s orbit.

2 Wands (Fire = Energy)
Mars: Energized
Ares: Emanating
Mars activates the Egg as Ares thrusts it into denser planes.
2Swords+2Cup+2Wands=Double Helix

2 Disks (Earth = Matter)
Jupiter: Harmony of Odd / Even (Chesed)
Capricorn: Progression
Creation to Manifestation: the birth of Solids, which is Four
The Source begat Force now a Form in Matter.
Progression infers Time: Odd / Even enters spacetime.
Ourobouros: the Golden Ratio as above, so below