Re: Jean Claude Flornoy

I was so sad to wake up today and hear the news. It is truly one of those strange internet phenomenas that I feel that, although I never met him, I've known him for years via email, websites and of course, his work.

I am filled with loss and sadness.

Thank you Jean-Claude for your wonderful contributions, you will be terribly missed.

Roxanne, our hearts are with you, the family and the many Tarot de Marseille lovers around the world.

Re: Jean Claude Flornoy

I was so sad to read this last night... I sent Rox my condolences and went to bed with a heavy heart.

I never had the chance to meet him, was hoping to in September. At least I am sure he knew as he passed on that he had made himself immortally identified with the Tarot de Marseille tradition. He will always be known as a master.

Jean Claude FLORNOY is gone

Un authentique artisan d'art , un vrai Compagnon, une sacrée pointure du Tarot et plus spécialement du NOBLET (sans oublier le Conver, le Dodal et le Viéville) s'en est allé ...
La perte est grande mais son Oeuvre demeurera
For more informations :

Témoignages : ... ost2745735
See also : ... ornoy.html
See also : ... Biographie

Re: Jean Claude Flornoy

Very sad news. Jean-Claude stood in a very interesting corner of the tarot world.

I always loved the fact that he used to operate an electric plant and then went to reprint old tarots, this is, he always kept himself in the business of bringing light.

Great link.
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