Re: Update to forum - Saturday 24 July

Styles incompatible, so trying to see if we (Thank you Garrett!!) can do anything to get the old look choices back.

But.. huge relief, yes, it's completely up to date and seems to be working. There were a few other extensions too that won't work anymore, but for the most part, the main site seems to be working well!


Re: Update to forum - Saturday 24 July

Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote: 24 Jul 2021, 21:32 Huck, have you found a way to "search" in the HTTRACK saved website? The search function doesn't come with the saved files.
You can use your computer search engine for the folder, where you installed the forum. I created a folder / When I go inside this folder with "windows-explorer" and type "rheinfelden" in the search engine field for instance, then I get all files with "rheinfelden" words, which have been downloaded.

The downloading program couldn't use the search engine, cause it couldn't type question words. So it didn't get any idea about the existence of such sort of content. And so it's natural that the search engine wasn't downloaded.

Re: Update to forum - Saturday 24 July

Huck wrote: 24 Jul 2021, 21:18 The phpBB in the title bar should be replaced with something.
This fits us:

I tried to snip, save and attach just the horizontal top 4th of the card as it might appear in the board's header, but got this message when trying to add the attachment (vs. web link):
Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached." [<- might be the upload of content from the old board]