Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have limited ability to set some elements for three different themes (main colours and a header image) , so have attempted to approximate the colours from the old forum which you can select from the Theme Variants on the right on the home screen as Tarot Forum Classic. I realise it isn't the complete look of the old forum, but I hope this will be a suitable solution for those of you who preferred the older scheme. In your user control panel you can set it to be your default theme.



Ah! That’s a miracle! Classic theme is almost perfect. But… maybe it is possible to avoid those red squares and make a coin of gold color? Thank you sooo much. :)
One can’t help admiring of early tarots inspiring.


Sorry, would if I could, but can only affect colours and header background for theme variants, and for whatever reason, I can't make the red squares change for the life of me or I would have changed them on the modern page. I even contacted the theme author who sent me some code to try, but sadly, no luck.

If you can't register....

Yes, Robert, great job, especially for adding the "classic". I have one concern. You wrote
I'll be spending time with the styles, but I think that user registration and PMs are now working, if not, do let me know!
My concern is that if someone can't register, or can't get on once they have registered, for some reason, they also can't let you know. Both problems happened once and may happen again, and no one will be the wiser unless the person can email someone who can access the Forum. That's how we discovered the problem, probably years after nobody was able to register (at least, no one did register for years).

So I have set up a blog just for this purpose, at

If you are unable to post on THF, write a comment to the one blog post and Google will notify me by email that I have a comment. At least that is what is supposed to happen. I will also check it from time to time.