Re: The Children of the Planets

Thanks Marcos, it would great to be able to access what we can through one resource.

From one of the old German texts On The Children of the Moon:

All heavenly influence through me
Must go, now strong, now weak,
Now fast, now slow. Headstrong,
Heedless, and half wild, if he won’t be
Led , he’s Luna’s child. Pale round face
And brown eyes, cruel teeth, snub-nosed,
And never wise. Easily angered, but soon
Consoled, short lazy, jealous, greedy for
Gold. Thinkers and jugglers and students
Who roam, millers, bird catchers, those
Never at home. If you swim or fish or sail,
As luna’s child you cannot fail.

Translated from the German by Marianne Hansen (I think)