Counting Trionfi poem (Petrarca) editions before 1440

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1. We searched for Trionfi editions before 1440 in the thread "Casa della Petrarca" in a rather wild discussion structure. Somehow we found 4 objects.
I made a summary recently, which appears below.
viewtopic.php?p=12625#p12625 .... this was mainly in 2012.

2. MikeH organized the text of "Petrarch Manuscripts in the British Isles", by Nicholas Webb, 1975 (also in the thread "Casa della Petrarca"). He found there 7 manuscripts.
viewtopic.php?f=11&t=868&p=13562&hilit=webb#p13562 .... 30 Jan 2013,

3. Franco Pratesi pointed to a work of Gemma Guerrini, "Scrittura e civiltà, 10" (1986) 121-197 in his article ...
"1450ca: Trionfi e Triumphi" .... .... this was 15/10/2016
translated by MikeH in the thread "Pratesi on birth trays and now cassoni"
viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1092&p=17714&hilit=gemma#p17714 ... this was 25/10/2016
3. Discussions by scholars

Despite the huge amount of publications on the Triumphi and more or less accurate editions of the text, a real critical edition has not yet appeared (unless it was printed in the last few days without my knowledge). It is said in several publications that for many years Emilio Pasquini is preparing one. In the meantime, a study by Gemma Guerrini surveys of over four hundred codicologically preserved Italian manuscripts (Footnote 3); the merit of this work goes beyond the task of cataloging the many copies, which would already be difficult, and is a serious attempt to compare them, sort them and group them depending on their finer features, obtainable especially from the script, but not only that. Several major studies have been on the other hand dedicated to the fortune of the Triumphi among the incunabula and the sixteenth century; However, the introduction of printing took place after the period of our interest; for the Triumphi in printed books, it is enough to cite one of the most significant studies. (Footnote 4)

3. G. Guerrini, Scrittura e civiltà, 10 (1986) 121-197.
4. C. Dionisotti, Italia medioevale e umanistica, 17 (1974) 61-113.
4. Thread "Trionfi manuscripts before 1500", mainly researches by MikeH. I still have to sort the matters "before 1440". The contributions were from 2015 and 2018-20.


Giannozzo Manetti: biographies of Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio
translation from Latin to Italian by Mauro Granato in 1838

Un antico manoscritto latino che contiene le vite del Dante del Petrarca del Boccaccio ed un cenno critico sul merito di loro volgarizzato da D. Mauro Granata, lettor cassinese, con note aggiunte di esso traduttore
by Jannotius Manettus (= Giannozzo Manetti[) ... original from c1440
stamperia di Tommaso Capra all'insegna di Maurolico, 1838 - 175 pages ... navlinks_s

Start of the Petrarca biography at page 91 till 128 ... &q&f=false

There's an interest to know, what Manetti wrote about the Trionfi poem of Petrarca. Leonardo Bruni in his life descriptions of Dante and Petrarca didn't mention the Trionfi text (as far I understood it, my understanding of Italian is rather limited). It's possible, that Manetti also didn't note the poem. ... r_pto=wapp