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This subforum of our forum had shown all signs of "not being used" in the last years ... see ...

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The original aim of this subforum was to collect web sources about Tarot and Playing cards ... as the title shows:

"The Library (West Wing)
Tarot History related Websites and Pages"

We've noted a lot of Tarot History sites and Pages at other places, but usually nobody thought of adding a link to this place.
So that's a longer work to do, and it will not be done in one step. This post will be replaced finally by that, what will be the result of the work.
This thread can be used to add suggestions to the running work. Or works, which are suggested.

Re: Library West Wing sortiment ... a restart

Thread on :
Huck wrote:Tarocchino Bolognese in practice ...

Youtube movie with participation of Girolamo Zorli, one of our members. The movie was published in 2012. I found the link at


Andrea Vitali in TV


Entrevista com Giordano Berti - Tarolog 2014

Sibilla del Cuore - Conferenza di Giordano Berti a Bologna

Thanks Huck for the feedback

An interview with Andrea VITALI
Quando il mondo giocava con le stelle

Main answers to the interviewer :
- Bologne and Tarocchi
- Cartomancy
- Presentation of the book Castle of Tarots

About Bologne :

1. Essay of Andrea VITALI

The Prince
The creator of the Ludus Triumphorum
Translation revised by Michael S. Howard, Feb. 2012

This essay written by Andrea Vitali is a part of the “Triumphs, Tarot and Tarocchini in Bologna from the fifteenth to the twentieth century” included in The Tarocchino of Bologna. History, Iconography, Divination from the fifteenth to the twentieth century by Andrea Vitali and Terry Zanetti. (Martina Editions, Bologna, 2005)

2. Another Book : ... Biographie

Re: Library West Wing sortiment ... a restart

Circa 2005, I started translating in French some of the iconographical essays of Andrea Vitali related to the 22 allegorical subjects.
In Italian :
In English :

It seems that the situation in France is beginning to change about the way of viewing Tarot - even if the focus is still mainly on the so called TdMs.
Maybe, if I have the energy, I'll go on with this project...but I now see it as a collaborative work.
My part would more be in re-lecture and coordination of the translations
Authorship of translators would be properly credited.

Already translated in French :

The 3 celestal bodies :

Star ... toile.html

Moon ... -Lune.html


The virtues

Temperance ... Biographie

Re: Library West Wing sortiment ... a restart

Of interest
A French/English Tarot History
groupe public on Facbook

Link : ... 1/members/
Administrator : Ross Caldwell

The Group has now 1783 members, many well known by us.

Publications are in French or English.

Tarot History is intended to be a serious discussion of anything related to the history of Tarot, from its beginnings and precursors, including playing cards, up to today. Documentation, translations, iconography, games, divination and esoteric uses of the cards are all welcome. Please don't post or request Tarot readings, as these will be deleted."

I'd say, but i may be wrong, that's is mainly a place for announcements about creations, essays, events, groups or web site related to Tarot History.
Sometimes, discussions can occur...
Nadolny or Caldwell are welcomed to correct or complete this very short presentation.

It seems to me that the main "coordinator" taking care of the group and answering is a French Librarian of the BnF :
Isabelle NADOLNY
An interview of her on :
Her Fb page is : ... Biographie

Re: Library West Wing sortiment ... a restart

Well, perhaps you could add details, which belong to Andrea Vitali to the thread of Andrea Vitali ( by Andrea Vitali). If the material makes sense there.
Actually I thought, that you would add details of websites, which belong to Bougearel.

... :-)

The idea is not to produce more chaos, but a sort of order, with which one can find something, if one needs it. Occasionally it is so, that less is much more useful than too much ... if it follows some system.

The Library is meant as a sort of dictionary for persons, who don't know this or that person, for instance Andrea Vitali. Andrea Vitali has an own website, it's the easiest way to send the newcomer to the central places of this website, and then he can see, that there is much. And then he isn't confused about too much material.

Or, if you think, that something is of importance and it is already in an existing post given, you can use a link to point to the material. But we have so much material to Andrea Vitali ... I've chosen to send the newcomer to a search request for "Andrea Vitali" and he can see, that there about 280 articles referring to him.

Re: Library West Wing sortiment ... a restart

For Andrea Vitali I've already written the thread ...


... it contains links to the essential pages of

As I said, if you think it good, to add something, you can add an article to the thread.

For youself I don't know. This library wing is for Websites, earlier you once had a domain. Is this gone? The Library East is for books and articles ... so it once was intended, and best one keeps to this idea.

The intended title of this thread should be "website-name by Alain Bougearel" ... at least I would suggest this format, as I already used it.

It's all only a suggestion, how one could improve this part of the forum. anyway it's bad to Forum parts, where the last post is 3 years back, as it had been before. This makes not a good impression.

A general bad concept of our forum is, that we've mostly complicated themes. The result of this condition is, that we have only 4-5 participants in the discussions and all, who are not so involved in the theme Tarot History, are gone. That's not a healthy state for a forum. We must have also simple parts for normal users, otherwise the forum will die once. So let's keep the library parts more human ... at least that's my idea.

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