Re: CY Swords fruit is neither quince nor pomegranate. It's medlar

Earlier in this thread I wrote
There was also Bianca of Savoy who could have been commemorated, with Filippo elevated by association with his illustrious forbear Galeazzo II. Not as a marriage gift for her, obviously (this was in 1350). But if other stemmi can derive from this era, (the dove, radiant sun and "A bon droit" is from c. 1353, she says, p. 250), why not the banners on the Love card?
There is also what Ross wrote recently at viewtopic.php?p=22673#p22673, citing a sentence from a letter Filippo wrote on May 2, 1424:
What I find nicest about this letter is that Filippo Maria doesn't call it a "castle," he calls it "the house of our illustrious grandmother, the lady Bianca." This is what I read from "in domo illustris Avie nostre domine Blanche."

It seems to me to be an intimate glimpse of how he felt about the castle in Pavia, where he had spent his entire childhood and adolescence.
This Bianca is Bianca of Savoy, who died in 1387. Since Filippo wasn't born until 1392, he didn't know her, but he seems to think about her nonetheless.

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