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Re: Visconti snake Christies auction, sold from the Kaplan collection, card is given to 19th century Visconti-Sforza, King of Cups Tarocchi Card, Milan, circa 1900s?, artist unkno...

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Re: Visconti snake from "Tarot, Tarock, Tarocchi", Hoffmann, Dietrich, 1988 The German comment says: Likely a remake of 19th century according a technical research of 1955. The first ...

Re: Visconti snake

I'm not sure, that these are forgeries. If they are, then other Sforza card fragments would be also forgeries. I think, that this deck type was made in commission of Isabella d'Este, who ordered them for Massimiliano Sforza in 1512 (restoration of the Sforza rule, which endured only till 1515). That...

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