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Re: The Devil

A repost of the image I found with similarities to the Cary Sheet Devil: Title of Work: Book of Hours Illustrator: Master of the Brussels Initials Production: France (Paris), circa 1407 Description: (Whole folio) A scene in Hell; historiated initial an...

Re: Ulisse Aldrovandi's XVI Century Latin list of the trumps

Hello Huck, from Pratesi's article, I understand that Aldrovandi's text is a manuscript and was not published before 1904. Pratesi's comment about the text being "printed for a wedding occasion" refers to the printed 1904 edition. Apparently, the document is not considered very important because it ...

Re: Ulisse Aldrovandi's XVI Century Latin list of the trumps

In the title of the Museo Cospiano book appears a "Museo Cospiano annesso a quello del famoso Ulisse Aldrovandi" ... ... does this "annesso" indicate, that part of the presented material in the Museo (possibly inclusive the very interesting card games; see ...

Re: The World

A printer's device featuring Truth and the symbols of the four Evangelists (Venice, 1604, from Le orationi volgari di Luigi Groto ): verita.png The Ascension of Jesus (from a 15th Century German engraving illustrating the Creed ): ascendit.png

Re: 15 Signs of last judgment

I have collected a few links about the Fifteen Signs before Doomsday. Apparently, the most ancient source is Petrus Damianus. * Petrus Damianus (1007-1072) - Opusculum 59. De Novissimis Et Antichristo [Latin]

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