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Re: Pamela Colman Smith Shrine

The thing I remember most is from the article about her in the Encyclopedia of Tarot V III: she was quite down in her last years, and her career never became what she wanted of it. She had no money at the end and no one remembered her. She knew it. Imagine how you'd feel, being courted for your arti...

Re: Pamela Colman Smith Shrine

I was quite delighted when I read a biography of Stieglitz, that he had been so fond of her artwork and exhibited it several times.

The relevant book:

Alfred Steiglitz, a Biography: Photography, Georgia O'Keeffe, and the Rise of the Avant-Garde in America by Richard Whelan; 1995 ISBN 0316934046

Re: Dame Fortune's Wheel Tarot

6 months with no posts. Alas. I still love this deck although I seem to pull out the same card all the time. I notice a few people buying it for Christmas. I got a bit down in my study as I couldn't get a knight figurine. Silly really, I had it all worked out in my mind to combine it with the cards....

Re: Labarinto

So please, tell me 'Cadia', what is it ? What are you wearing ?[/i] Sorry, I buggered up the spelling, it's chlamys. Well, I anglicized the spelling I suppose. The relevant book is called Medieval Dress and Fashion by Margaret Scott; ISBN 0712350675. In that book she explains fashion history using ...

Re: Labarinto

I had a run in with St. Elegius when writing an essay on local parish churches. He's depicted in a wall painting. First time I met him. That was fascinating, how haunting to see those colours and images on this little chapel and read the history of it. I can unde...

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